Tickoff Ayurvedic Perfumed Dusting Powder For Dog

Tickoff Ayurvedic Perfumed Dusting Powder For Dog

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  • ick off Powder is fast-acting formulation that is prescribed for providing relief from itching caused by parasites and preventing their growth.

  • It is a dusting powder that can be used for all breeds without any adverse effects. This is a completely herbal formulation that comprises extracts of various herbs including neem & devdar.

  • It works by interfering with normal metabolism of ectoparasites. Tick off Powder has ability to control fleas, lice, & ticks with great efficiency.

  • Features: Provides long term effects Suitable for small & young ones Quick action Herbal Tick & Flea dusting powder containing Neem,Deodar, etc.. is the safest anti-tick dusting powder ideal for pups and young once. Benefits: Herbal formulation makes safer in use for pets & applicator Ideal for prevention of ectoparasites infestations Ideal for use in Pups & young ones When/Why used: Prevention of Ticks, Fleas & Lice infestations Control of Ticks, Fleas & Lice.

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