MeO Mackerel in Jelly (Pouch)

MeO Mackerel in Jelly (Pouch)

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  • MeO Mackerel in Jelly Cat Food supplies high-quality nutrients which look after the health of your cat in the best possible manner. The goodness of real mackerel meat when combined with important vitamins and minerals, results in a nutritive and palatable meal.
  • Protein strengthens muscles and gratifies various critical needs of the feline. With about 89% of moisture, the meal helps to detoxify the body system. There are natural fibres which help in easy digestion of the meal and to eliminate hairball formation inside cats.
  • Tasty Mackerel fish as the prime ingredient for enhancing the delectability of the meal. Rich protein content for ideal body function. Essential vitamins and minerals for boosting overall immunity.

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