Lozalo 'Shootix' Anti-Tick & Flea Herbal

Lozalo 'Shootix' Anti-Tick & Flea Herbal

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  • Lozalo Anti-Tick & Flea shampoo is a specially formulated shampoo with effective herbal composition for pets to take care of Tick & Flea infestation. The addition of neem extract and tulsi extract in the formulation helps to prevent spread of ticks and fleas on the body.

  • The wonderful lemonish fragrance will linger on the hair coat for long time. Why Bathe Your Dog?Bathing your dog when needed is an important part of general pet care. For dogs with healthy skin and a healthy coat, the most common reason to bathe is to remove an unpleasant odour or because they’ve accumulated dirt on their coat.

  • The benefits of bathing can include cleaning the skin and coat which helps to remove loose hair, scale and debris and improve the hair coat’s shine. For dogs with specific skin conditions, bathing may be part of their medical treatment plan as recommended by their vet.

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