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Dog Boarding Service
Close To Home Kennels

Dog Boarding Service

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Close-To-Home-Kennels (CTHK) - Boarding Information.

Setup in the lush green outskirts of the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, CTHK is housed in a sprawling 2 Acre campus secured under a 24/7 CCTV monitoring system. Being a No-Noise and No-Pollution Area, your pet enjoys its vacation in natural comfort with other furry friends, and the best part – You are absolutely free of worries while you carry on with your itinerary.


- In house feeding is based on Veterinary Dietician advice, with most ingredients homegrown inside the facility.

- Choice of Veg & Non-Veg diet as per the owner’s preference.

- Any kind of special diet needs to be provided by the owner.

- While giving specific food or treats, please give only sufficient until the period of boarding. Do not give extra.

- Timing of meals is strictly controlled by CTHK Management.

- Daily pet treats on the house.


- Both open and closed rooms available and can be allowed based on your choice and availability. 

- Mandatory pet walks, usually on One to One basis. Minimum of 3 times a day.

- If your pet is social and does not have any biting tendencies, pet will have lots of play time with other pets.

- 24/7 veterinary medical help available, on call basis.

- No charges for an unlikely situation of your pet getting hurt or injured during pet stay with us.

- Free shower for pets scheduled to board with us for more than 10 days.

- Disciplinary training can be provided, if required, at extra cost.

- We can send one video per week on request. We will not be able to send videos daily as we accommodate 30 plus pets on every single day.  we will not be able to help the pets in different activities if we do video recordings of all the dogs.


- The minimum billable boarding period is 24 hours, starting on Drop Off.

- The usual Boarding time is from 10 AM to 10 AM the next day.

- If there is any delay in picking up the pet, one day’s boarding charge will be applicable.

- No requests shall be entertained for pro-rata payment arrangements.

- Boarding confirmation will not be guaranteed before payment.

- There is no cancellation or refund or rescheduled once the boarding is confirmed.

- Customised Pick Ups and Drops can be arranged for pets in Hyderabad, strictly on the basis of availability, and will be charged extra.

- Any special case like medication, disease, allergies or female pets on heat etc. will be charged extra.

- Boarding rates may vary keeping in mind the breed size, duration of stay, dietary habits and special conditions.

- As a mandate, updated Vaccination records to be provided by the owner during the time of admission.

- Our Business Hours are from 10:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

- Lunch Hour is between 1 PM TO 2 PM

- Entry allowed only on prior appointment.

- Call us on 7032624506 for any quires or appointments.

- Please avoid pickup and drop beyond our business hours.

- Strictly No PHOTOGRAPHY or VIDEOGRAPHY allowed within the premises.

- CTHK reserves the right to allow, refuse or cancel the boarding arrangements at any point of time due to any unforeseen circumstance, and shall not be held responsible or answerable to anyone for such actions.


- No cash payments accepted. Do not pay cash to anyone in the name of Close To Home Kennels.

- All payments should be made only to 7032624506 on Google Pay. Management will not be responsible for any kind of fraud.


- A Photo of the pet with the owner.

- Clear snapshot of your valid ID Card.

- Clear snapshot of your Address Proof.

- Snapshots of the latest Vaccination Records.

- Booking confirmation with dates.


We request all our customers to drop their pets at the kennel and pick up from the kennel after boarding is complete as the pet taxis are charging very high. But if it is compulsory to have our pick and drop service, the following are the timings and charges to and from the kennel.

- Morning Pickup between 6AM and 9AM is 40 rupees per kilo meter.

- Evening Drop off between 6PM and 9PM is 50 rupees per kilo meter.

- Morning Drop off between 6AM and 9AM is 80 rupees per kilo meter.

- Evening Pickup between 6PM and 9PM is 100 rupees per kilo meter.

Please let us know if you are getting a better rate so that we can change our pricing for all our customers.


- Please fill the boarding form (Online or Offline).

- Gate pass entry form.

- Please ask for the snapshots of the forms.

If you need any other information relating to the dog service, please visit our website

Thank you for viewing this video till the end.



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