Bayer - Velcote Liquid Coat Supplement For Dogs & Cats

Bayer - Velcote Liquid Coat Supplement For Dogs & Cats

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  • Velcote liquid is a feed supplement for pet animals for healthy skin and lustrous coat for dogs, cats and horses. A specially formulated to improve your pet’s skin, this feed supplement is particularly useful to improve dry and scaly skin (that also result in hair loss).

  • It is used often to maintain a luxurious coat for show animals. Velcote liqiod contains essential fatty acids, Vitamins A, D3, E, wheatgerm and Lecithin. For lustrous and healthy coat and skin Dry and scaly skin conditions Improves alopecia (Hair Loss) of nutritional origin and control non seasonal hair shedding Supports skin and coat health in skin infections.

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