Acana Sport & Agility Dog Food (All Breeds)
Acana Sport & Agility Dog Food (All Breeds)

Acana Sport & Agility Dog Food (All Breeds)

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It contains 75% free-range chicken, wild-caught flatfish, and nested eggs (locally sourced). It is free from plant protein concentrates and 1/3rd of the meat in this feed is fresh while the remaining 2/3rd is dried. This recipe only has zinc as a supplement, the remaining nutrients are from fresh, natural ingredients.


  • Product Type - Dry food for dogs
  • 75% meat content
  • Wild-caught flatfish, nest-laid eggs, and free-range chicken
  • One-third of the meat is raw
  • Two-third is dried for a concentrated source of protein
  • No plant proteins
  • The only additional supplement is zinc

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