Acana Adult Small Breed Dog Food
Acana Adult Small Breed Dog Food

Acana Adult Small Breed Dog Food

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  • Acana Adult Small Breed Dog Food is an energy-packed dog food with 60% of the meal filled with animal protein sourced from fresh chicken, flounder & eggs that helps the growth of high-energy small breed dogs. It contains fresh chicken liver, kidney, heart provide nutrients essential for boosting immunity and metabolism.

  • This food is packed with minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and EPA-DHA. It contains good amount of calcium and phosphorus which gives flexibity to the joints and provide strength to the bones. High-quality, locally sourced chicken, flounder ad eggs make for a protein-rich diet for your growing pet.

  • Packed with minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and EPA-DHA your dog is sure enough to be stunning enough for a shampoo advert! Your small breed dog needs healthy bones & joints to support their body weight and activity. Bone delivered calcium and phosphorus increases bone density and increases joint flexibility.

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