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Veterinarian in Patna

Stuffycare provides the best veterinary clinics near you:


With unbeatable services for grooming and health care for your pet are Veterinary Clinics in Patna established in the region. They are known for their primary focus on providing various medical services for domestic pets. The medical doctors and staff members housed there are highly skilled and devoted to the care of animals. In addition to diagnosing and giving treatment to these animals, many pet clinics in Patna provide grooming services. The most commonly sought-after services in this category include nail clipping and cleaning the ears, bathing animals, trimming fur, and cleaning teeth. If you consider getting new pets in your home, you must make sure that it is vaccinated with all of the necessary vaccinations. In addition to medical and grooming services, some of these clinics offer the possibility of purchasing a variety of food, pet accessories, and pet toys. Please scroll up to the top of the page and find the top veterinary practices in Patna. Looking for the best pet clinic Patna, moreover, we are here for your assistance.

Frequently asked questions

Are our Veterinary Clinics in Patna equipped to perform surgeries on animals/ pets?

Only a small number of locations are equipped with the essential infrastructure for surgical procedures. They have highly qualified veterinarians on board who are capable of performing a wide range of common operations.

Do I have to book an appointment before visiting the Veterinary Clinics in Patna?

There are no clinics where you are required to schedule an appointment in advance. It is preferable to call the clinic and find out whether you are obliged to do so.

Do pet clinics also offer lodging/boarding services?

Only a small number of clinics are officially registered as providing accommodation and boarding services. Please check with the clinic that will be inquiring about the facility for further information.

Do pet clinics in Patna provide ambulance services in case of emergencies?

A few clinics are equipped with ambulances, and others have partnerships with pet ambulance firms that allow pets to be transported to the clinic in an emergency.

Do clinics carry out blood tests and other medical procedures?

The vast majority of clinics are able to do blood tests and other treatments as well as other services. However, it is necessary to check this before scheduling an appointment.