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Wet vs. Dry Dog Food: What Pet Parents Need to Know

It can be hard to figure out where to start when you own a pet. You can buy a big brand or one of those ready-made meals in a cooler at the pet store. The best dog food isn't always clear to people who own dogs. The benefits of both canned food and dry kibble can help you make an informed decision about what your pet should eat for food.

Wet dog food has a lot of good things going for it.

Canned diets, of course, are called "wet food," and many people like them.

Pet owners are drawn to its meatiness, which is an important part of canine diets that are mostly meat. A lot of formulas have high-quality grains and other plant-based ingredients, but meat should be the main ingredient. A lot of people think it is weird that dogs are not obligate carnivores, but this isn't true at all. Debate: Is it true that dogs are carnivores or omnivores? It's still very hot. The good news for dog owners who are worried about their pet's health is that dogs are very good at digesting grains and some vegetables, which is good news for them. Even wolves can't help but eat the plant-based contents of their prey's stomachs when they hunt. Other than just having meat and gravy for dinner, canned foods have a lot of other advantages.

Even the pickiest eaters are drawn in.

There are a lot of stories about dogs, like when they didn't eat until they were given canned food. To make sense of the smells, dogs with sensitive palates aren't likely to choose canned food over kibble. Wet meals have more complex aromas than kibble.

Some people think their dog is picky because they have fed it a lot of table scraps and treats that they have tried to play with. This is not true. Make sure your dog is getting the right amount of both food and treats before you start to figure out why he doesn't eat very much of what's in his dish.

Many times, wet food is better than dry food.

If your dog needs to lose some weight, wet food might help him lose a few pounds. Because canned food has more water in it, it takes up more space in the bowl and in the dog's stomach than kibble. It's also a good way to cut down on calories. Wet food helps digestion by making it easier to swallow and by giving it more moisture. When you think about how much food your dog should eat each day, you should think about how big he or she is. Check out "How to Help Your Pet Lose Weight the Smart Way."

It might help to eat warm, wet foods to lessen the pain in your teeth.

The disease, periodontal disease, affects up to 85% of dogs before they are five years old. Switching sick dogs to soft canned food makes it easier for them to be treated and get better. Learn how to keep your dog's teeth healthy while you're here.

Because dry dog food is better.

It's called "dry dog food," and it's a way to give your dog a full and healthy meal in one box. It's easy to see why people prefer dry food to wet food for their pets. Consider the positives, too. 

Kibble has a longer shelf life than other foods, so it can be stored for a longer time (once opened).

Of course, cans that haven't been opened last longer. After it's been opened, we're talking about how long it will last in the pantry or fridge. There, Kibble wins. After the bag is opened, it's very important to store the food in a cool, dry place. The fats in the food will become rancid and the nutrients will be lost. You should keep your dog's kibble in a container that has a tight-fitting lid to keep the food as fresh as possible. To keep the food fresh, it is important to keep the food in its original packaging.

Kibble is a cheap way to feed your dog.

It costs less per pound to buy kibble than to buy canned food. People who feed their dogs high-quality kibble can save money while still giving them a healthy meal.

Kibble is both convenient and versatile.

A kibble diet doesn't have to worry about spoiling, which makes it great for people with busy schedules and active lives. On a road trip, it's easy to carry. The food won't go bad or get bad bacteria if your dog likes to eat and eat all day. You also don't have to put anything in the fridge that you don't use right away. Scooping, measuring, and filling are all very simple steps.

You should make sure your dog is getting enough food for his or her size, and keep an eye on the size of each piece. When you feed your dog kibble, which has more calories per ounce than canned food, it's easy to overfeed (and overeat) your dog.

 Are wet and dry foods safe for you to give your dog?

Most healthy dogs don't need to eat both wet and dry food because each has all the nutrients they need. If you have the time and money, why not? You can get the best of both worlds by mixing wet and dry things together. This will help you keep your dog happy and healthy.

Don't be afraid to try new things.

Most businesses add wet food to their dry meals. A lot of dogs like to have one kibble meal and one wet food dinner. Putting canned food in your dog's food can make it taste better. If you change up the protein sources you use in your pet's food, they'll enjoy their meals more.

Make sure you don't mix different brands together.

People who own dogs might keep canned food on hand as a reward for their pets. When there are important events, canned food might be given as a gift or as a way to say thank you. If that's what you want, you can mix and match different brands as long as you keep quality in mind. To put wet food on top of the kibble, choose a kibble that helps with digestion, like NutriSource. When dogs are given probiotics that have 100 million colony-forming units per pound, they are less likely to have loose faeces, which is bad for them. NutriSource is the best kibble to use when you give your dog wet food.

Measuring is very important.

A full bowl of wet food takes a lot more space than a full bowl of dry food. You can make sure your dog isn't getting too much or too little food by reading the label.

In the case of your dog's food, you need to make sure that it's good.

Is it more important to choose a brand that has a good diet or one that is wet or dry? There is a chance your dog's itchy skin and runny faeces are caused by a cheap grain filler diet that is bad for his body.

A dog with a well-fed digestive system is the foundation of a healthy one. There is a special supplement called "Good 4 Life" in every bag or can of NutriSource. This supplement gives your dog the minerals and probiotic nutrition he or she needs to keep his or her stomach healthy. Extra probiotics are added to our meal, with at least 100 million cfu per pound. This helps us digest our food better. For your dog's health and well-being, organic trace minerals such as copper, manganese, cobalt, and iron need to be in his or her food. Good 4 Life vitamins, which are only sold at NutriSource, may help your pet get all of the nutrients it needs to live a healthy life.

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