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Things to consider while raising a puppy!

Bringing home a new puppy always is the most day of the life. They are the little bundle of joy full of energy and enthusiasm that brings cheer, love, warmth into the home. But make no sense they are the naughtiest member in the family. Puppies can be difficult in the early days. It requires your lot of patience and care to keep them out of trouble instruct them of appropriate behavior and safely teach about the world.

So here is quick guide from where pet parents should start and what are the areas they should focus while raising a puppy so they become a well mannered dog.

  1. Selecting the right food:

Getting the right quality food is as important as getting the right quantity since puppies have different nutrients and energy requirement. It is advisable to consult your vet before starting on solids as their diet depends on the size, breed, age etc.  Start looking for high quality puppy food with good customer reviews. Shop from Maintain a schedule for their eating and always have a check on how much they are eating.


  1. Visit the Vet:

One of the first steps after getting a puppy is to visit them to veterinarian. It’s always good to visit the same vet every time as know your pup medical history deeply. At the first meeting your vet will check the puppy for any health problem and make a vaccination schedule. Always visit your vet as needed since it will help reduce the risk of any health problem in future.

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  1. Grooming your pup:

Grooming requirement can be different for different breeds. It is advised to visit a groomer in every 8-10 weeks. It covers all your pup needs from nail trimming, paws cleaning, haircuts, eyes/ear cleaning etc. Always maintain an oral hygiene for you pup and start it from their initial days. Puppies are difficult at the time of bathing so try to make it fun session for them by giving them treats and toys.

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  1. Socialize your pup with others:

One of the most important things while raising a puppy is socialization. It’s important that your puppy get well along with others and this can be done on their initial age as young mind grab things way faster and learn easily. Start by taking them out. If they feel awkward at something, start giving them some treats and you will see those noticing things in a positive way. Introduce them to new people, sound, smells and you will see transition from relieving themselves inside to doing so outside.

  1. Training your pup:

The training process must start from the early days of your pup. They must know how to behave in front of others, how to use toilet, where to sleep, how to treat other pets and children. In order to make them understand this, start laying rules for them. Never force your pup to do something which they don’t like. Try to make everything fun activity for them. Establish a potty routine, keeping in mind that young puppies will typically need to go out once every couple of hours. Start your training with some initial commands like sit, stand, handshake etc and always reward them.


  1. Spend as much time as possible:

It’s the most important of all. If you don’t have bond with your pup, there is no use of bringing one. Start spending your most of the time with your little one as need care like a new born child. They are most loyal beings in the world and if you want to build the foundation for a solid, lifelong bond. Treat them like a family member and they will do everything for you and you will experience your cute puppy turns into fun loving dog.

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