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Monsoon tips to take care of your pet

A good spell of rain, after the intense summer heat, is a welcome relief--not just for us but for our furry friends too. However, this is also the time when we need to take extra care of our pet's hygiene. As rainy weather rolls around, pets are at a high risk of facing issues like infections, skin allergies, or parasitic infestations. 

Here are a few tips you should follow to keep your pet healthy in the rainy season:

Keep them dry 

The monsoon season is heaven for germs. During this season, the moisture content in the atmosphere is at an all time high. Even if you walk your pooch when it’s not raining, there are chances that its fur can get damp. It is essential to keep your dog’s fur dry all the time. If you have a long haired dog, keep the fur to the minimum. If you see him constantly licking certain body parts or scratching, then he probably has a fungal / bacterial infection or an allergy. There are anti fungal baths and powders that can be used easily and work fabulously.

Protect the paws

Walking your dog on the streets for a long time or directly over stagnant water loosen their paw skin and leads to skin inflammation. Your dog’s paws will inevitably pick up dirt and muck from the ground. Do not leave it for him to lick the mud. He will develop worms in his tummy. Avoid infections and infestations by trimming the fur in the paw area and cleaning the paws with an antiseptic wash after every walk. The market is flooded with rain gear for pets. Pick up a water proof shoes (if possible) for your pet. 

Keep its ear clean 

During the monsoons you need to clean their ears every day. The wet period increases moisture in the pooch’s ears so It is  important to regularly wipe around your dog’s eyes, ears and private regions gently. Dry the ears after every outdoor play session as well as baths. 

Keep them away from unhygienic water

Dirty stagnant water during the rainy season can pose an extreme threat of waterborne diseases for your pet. Just like humans in the monsoon season, pets are also more susceptible to water-borne diseases. Common symptoms of a gut problem include vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and appetite loss. Make sure they are drinking clean and healthy water. 

Check for tick & fleas

Monsoon is the most preferred breeding season for ticks and fleas. These parasites can transmit a number of deadly diseases to the canine. As a result, the chances of your pet becoming infested with ticks or fleas are high. To avoid this, clean your pet’s fur and brush it at least twice each day during the monsoons to prevent ticks. If your pet is already infected with ticks, wash the coat with anti-tick shampoo, rub anti-tick ointment, and even remove and kill ticks manually. Also tick sprays and powders work effectively to kill and keep away these pests.

Keep them away from insects

All pet breeds have an instinct to chase insects and smaller running objects. Always keep a close eye on your dog during the rains as frogs and lizards, which can be extremely toxic and could be dangerous for your pup. If you catch your pet with one in his mouth, induce vomiting by using vinegar or by placing salt on the back of their tongue to flush out the toxins.

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