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Fun ways to exercise your dog


Dogs need daily exercise like us because it provide a lot of things: exercise, brain work and bonding time with her human. Always remember that no two dogs are the same, so discovering your dog’s exercise needs may require some trial and error. It’s time to get out and explore the great outdoors while finding fun ways to burn those extra calories with your pet. 


Swimming is the great exercise for pets. It can help increase your dogs range of motion and build up muscle mass. But many dogs doesn't like water or not used to swimming. Always take it slow for the first time since your dog could be new for it. If he/she doesn't like the water, don't push it. But we assured you that it can be the most fun loving exercise for your pup.


Jogging is the great form of exercise for dogs but not everyone can tolerate it. If your dog is energetic and loves running, introduce him to jogging. When you first begin running with your dog, make sure to start slowly and work your way up to higher speeds and longer distances. Always leash your dog at the time of running since we don't want to affect others.


Walking has to be the most commonly used exercise in every pet parents house and most pet loves that. Its like "highlight of the day" for them. In addition to getting some exercise, a walk is a great way for your dog to explore the world with her nose.

4.Fetch the ball- 

Grab a tennis ball, frisbee or some toy and start playing with your pet. Dogs have the tendency to fetch, it comes natural to them but sometime they need practice too. Playing these games makes them more flexible and provide mental stimulation for your dog.

5.Hide and Seek-

Most dogs love playing hide & seek. Its one of the most interactive games to play with your pup and helps in increasing your pet scent tracking ability. When you first play this, don’t hide yourself too well so that they might give up. As they gets better at the game you can go farther away and make it harder.

 6.Flirt pole-

It's basically a dog toy tied on a rope. You can let your dog chase it as you drag it towards them. This is a great way to exercise a dog without a lot of space, and dogs go crazy for it. When it comes to using a flirt pole you have a couple of options, you can make one of your own or buy online.




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