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5 rainy day dog walking essentials

Every day, dogs need a tremendous quantity of exercise. For dogs, especially those with a lot of energy, playing inside or in the backyard isn't always enough. So, whether it's rainy or sunny, taking dogs on walks is always a good idea. Unfortunately, this time of year is wetter and colder than most, with rain showers occurring faster than usual. Here are five basics for rainy day dog walking to help you overcome the problems of walking your dog in the rain!

Selecting a Reflective Collar and Leash:

Selecting a Reflective Collar and Leash

One of the most significant concerns about the rainy season is that drivers find it more challenging to see correctly. As a result, when playing in the mud, there is a severe danger of cars failing to see your pet, increasing the likelihood of an accident. Replace your dog's regular collar and leash with luminous ones to avoid this. The car lights will reflect your dog's collar and leash as you cross the street or stroll on the sidewalk, making them more visible to vehicles.

Choose a Less Congested Route:

Choose a Less Congested Route

Because of the rainy season, there are puddles where a moving automobile might drench you and your dog, which can be chaotic, especially if your dog dislikes being wet. Vehicles may also be loud in this weather, which can cause further pain for some puppies. Choosing a less crowded and calmer route might make the stroll more enjoyable!

Use a secure harness:

Use a secure harness

The Safe & Sound Harness is uniquely developed to ease walking tension by using the real feel heartbeat that lies against your dog's chest. As previously noted, the dread of a dog on a walk might increase in wet weather; therefore, this harness can help avoid interruptions and loud, unexpected noises to provide a more peaceful walk.

Cleaning and drying your pet:

Cleaning and drying your pet

Because the rainy season provides dogs with potentially deadly germs and bacteria, it is essential to establish a habit of washing them throughout their walks. Although it may seem unpleasant, giving your dog a gentle bath when you return home may have several benefits. After a chilly, wet walk, rinsing them with warm water will serve as a simple instrument to warm them up. Washing them would also remove anything harmful they may have picked up while exercising. When you pass them regularly, use hydrating shampoo since it might create dry skin!

Have a towel ready in the house:

Have a towel ready in the house

Prepare some dry towels and a location where your dog may readily shake off the water-drenched fur after a rainy day walk. Your dog will undoubtedly tremble and spray muddy water all over your home, furniture, and other items; if you don't have a secure area for him to do this, cover blankets or plastic covers with furniture or rugs that can be changed until the dog is sure that the extra water has been effectively shaking from its coat. You should also have a blow dryer ready for the dog strolling in the rain when you go out.

A damp coat can significantly reduce your dog's body temperature, and a brief blow-dry is a safe approach to warm up and dry them swiftly. You could even want to prepare a warm supper or a surprise for your pet when they return home. This will reinforce dog walking in the rain as a joyful experience and give your dog something to look forward to before coming home.

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