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10 Rarest Cat Breed in the World

What makes a cat rare? Is it the way it looks? Or the way they behave? Is it the fact that they are less in number, or found in a particular part of the country? Felines come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Each individual breed usually has unique characteristics. 
So let’s look at rarest cat breed. Who knows, it turns out to be your perfect companion in near future.

Turkish Angora- Lifespan: 12-18 years

Turkish Angoras are one of the ancient, natural breeds of cat, having originated in central Turkey in the Ankara. They have large ears, long, silky coats, muscular body along with eyes mainly found in blue, green, yellow colors. The Turkish Angora is loyal and affectionate, and loves to play and run. They comes in Chocolate, lavender, the Himalayan pattern, or these combinations with white.

 Peterbald- Lifespan: 12-15 years

Peterbald is a cat breed of Russian origin. It was created in St Petersburg in 1994 from an experimental by breeding of a Don Sphynx male and an Oriental Shorthair female. They generally considered to be a low-maintenance cat breed. Since they come in any color or pattern. Peterbald cats are exceptionally outgoing and energetic and have elegant, slim and muscular personality.

Korat- Lifespan: 18-19 years

The Korat is a natural breed, and one of the oldest stable cat breeds, and one of the very few that has not changed its appearance throughout centuries. Originating in Phimai, Thailand, it is named after its province of origin. Korat is rare, usually only given as a gift to bring good luck. They have a Muscular body; short blue-grey coat; heart-shaped face; luminous green eyes. It is an intelligent and playful active cat that forms strong bonds with people and is very vocal, with a sound different from other breeds. 

American Bobtail- Lifespan: 11-15 years             


These cat was believed to be a cross between a bobcat and a domestic house cat due to his feral appearance and distinct bobtail. The American Bobtail has a wild look but not a wild temperament. These cats are a very sturdy breed, with both short- and long-haired coats. They can have any color of eyes and coat, with a strong emphasis on the "wild" tabby appearance. Bobtails are playful, energetic, and friendly and intelligent personality. 
Chartreux- Lifespan: 12-15 years   

 The Chartreux is a rare breed of cat from France. There is some speculation of its exact origin, but one theory is it was the companion to Carthusian monks in France. They are also known for their "smile"; due to the structure of their heads and their tapered muzzles, Chartreux are exceptional hunters and are highly prized by farmers. These cool cats are independent and somewhat aloof. They’re also incredibly observant and prefer to watch from the sidelines silently.
Sphynx- Lifespan: 8-14 years           


The sphynx is a medium-sized cat with a striking appearance, identified by her hairless, wrinkled skin and large ears. It is the product of a natural genetic mutation, first discovered in Toronto, Canada, in 1966. Sphynx are known for their extroverted behavior with high level of energy, intelligence, curiosity and affection for their owners. They comes in White, black, blue, red, cream, silver, golden, cameo, tortoiseshell, blue-cream, brown color.
Burmilla- Lifespan: 10-15 years         


The Burmilla originated in the UK in 1981 when a Chinchilla Persian male accidentally had kittens with a Lilac Burmese female. The Burmilla is a medium-sized cat and is somewhat compact while being very muscular with heavy boning. She tends to be an easy cat to get along with, requiring minimal care. The Burmilla is affectionate and sweet and makes a good companion.
Savannah cat- Lifespan: 12-20 years         


The Savannah cat is the largest of the cat breeds. A Savannah cat is a cross between a domestic cat and a several, a medium-sized, large-eared wild African cat. They comes in typically black, brown or silver tabbies with black or dark brown spots. Savannahs are excellent jumpers. They can jump up to 8 feet horizontally and climb easily. They have a reputation as being very talkative, easy to train, friendly towards humans, have high prey drive and strong loyalty in nature.
British Shorthair- Lifespan: 8-12 years   

The British Shorthair is the pedigreed version of the traditional British domestic cat, with a distinctively stocky body, dense coat, and broad face. Full of British reserve, the British Shorthair cat has a quiet voice and is an undemanding companion. They are quiet, calm, and generally reserved. They comes in White, Blue, Black, Cream, Red, Brown, Silver, Cameo, Smoke, Shaded colors.

    Minskin- Lifespan: 12-15 years       


    The Minskin cat is the cross-breed of hairless Sphynx and the diminutive Munchkin cat. The first official Minskin was bred in Boston, Massachusetts in July of 2000. The adorable Minskin is a newer cat breed that was recognized by the International Cat Association as an official breed in 2008. They have round heads, large ears and large, round eyes. Minskin are engaging and affectionate and love children.

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