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How to take a road trip with your cat

Planning a road trip with your cat this session? And worried about how to manage everything with a pet. This blog might help you out. As we all know cats are little ferocious when it comes to having driven in a car but they can be very lively travel companions if we take the time to create a positive experience for them. There are some tips to have beautiful and stress free holiday with your cat.

Get your cat used to car

Before your final journey, get your kitty for a shorter travel in the car. Give them some time to adjust and explore the car, make them feel comfortable. Give your cat some treats so that they get familiar at eating in the car.

Plan your journey ahead

Always plan your trip ahead if you are travelling with your pets. Check ahead and confirm that your cat is welcome at the hotel/motel you have chosen for the night. 

Check identification of your cat

Be sure that your cat is wearing a collar with tags that include your contact. If you haven’t micro chipped your pet, you should be. Always check that you’ve kept your microchip information up to date

 Practice your cat for carrier

Ahead of your journey, try to put your cat in the carrier as much as possible. This will make a habit of getting into it while you are exploring the new place. Carriers provide a warm, cozy and safe space for your cat and relieve some of the anxiety they may feel.

Consult with your vet

Always consult your vet about your cat medical condition to know that your cat is healthy enough to travel. Talk to your veterinarian if your cat is feeling motion sickness or anxiety. They can suggest some good supplements to calm down.

Plan extra supplies

Pack little extra while travelling with your pet. They might need that! While travelling, always bring some new and exciting toys for your furry friend. This will make them busy while travelling. Always pack some extra cat food and medicine in the case of emergency. This will make your journey hassle free and memorable.

Once at the destination

Once you arrive at the destination, give your cat some time to adjust to the new environment. Let them rome around the place and discover new people. Make them feel safe and comfortable.

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